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Global Ovations is a one-stop Public Relations and experiential marketing agency highly dedicated to providing services that add value to brands, including Event production, TL campaign executions, Consultancy, advertising, event logistics supply, marketing, and Audio-Visual Productions. From event conceptualization, through leadership and human resource management, marketing, and budget control, we are able to successfully transform the brands and events we touch.

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Creating indelible impressions to translate brand strategies into global excellent executions. To create innovations, develop and promote conceptual ideas to translate brand strategies into excellent executions. We will work together with our clients, to create events tailored to our client’s needs to form a seamless partnership between clients, stakeholders and ourselves to produce events/Campaigns of which our stakeholders, our clients and ourselves can be proud.


We are geared toward being a first-class PR and event management company in the world producing absolutely quality, innovation and passionate services to our clients in the Global Market. We will strive to be seen as leaders and innovators in the PR sector and other sectors. We will surpass the expectations of our clients with our honest dedication to producing innovative and outstanding experiential marketing.


Creating indelible impressions to translate brand strategies into global excellentexecutions.


  • Respect

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Passion

  • Innovation
  • Creating Value
  • Life-Long Learning

  • Taking a Leadership role in shaping the industry


As a PR company, we design and produce creatives, communications and entertainment projects for corporations, brands, governments, associations, and not-for-profits and private individuals. Since our founding in 2012 by Mr. Gideon Raji , we have produced high stature projects all over Africa. Our team of young professionals delivers value to our clients by leveraging extensive experience in concept development, BTL marketing and experiential marketing, talent acquisition, production, ATLs Events and media. Our work has been widely recognized in the media .all over Africa and other parts of the world. We have produced high stature projects all over Africa and other parts of the world.