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Digital Motionz is a state-of-the-art multimedia facility and animation studio in Accra Ghana. Serving both local and international clients, We offer the finest services in visual media production and post-production..

We Design To Meet Your Need. Being It 3d or 2d Animation, VFX, Motion Graphics, We At Digital Motionz Got You Covered

3D Animation

We use industrial standard software like zBrush, Blender, Maya to put your ideas into reality.

Visual Effects

We give great our own world with a lot of fun and reality and

Graphic Design

We define a brand by designing its branding materials which includes logos, letterheads, call cards, custumes, etc. .

Motion Design

With our knowledge in motion design, we produce one of the best explainer videos, TV Commercial and various motion design.


For few years in our country, we have realized that to make communication effective and for brands to reach their target audience, they need to develop content which will be circulated by way of encoding information for a larger audeince. Thats why we at Digital Motionz are here to help brands and individual to come out with this contents through various designs to suite their brand.


  • Company Profile Video

    Imagine a video that says all about your company's history, culture, vision and success stories. A profile video is a must have for every organization that sees a need to align with the ever developing 21 century world…

  • Event Video

    This projects a “show not tell” overview of your company’s structure and culture in terms of corporate activities; conferences, seminars, etc. Event videos are also resourceful at networking with industry experts and you can also save a piece of the pie for people who missed your event.…

  • Documentary Video

    Documentaries are true stories (nonfictional) told in motion picture and are as entertaining as their fictional counterparts. Organizations use documentary approach primarily for education or to keep a record. …

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Tsatsu Gilbert Mawutor
Art Director
Tsatsu Gilbert is a final year student studying Communication Design at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He has seven years freelance experience in Graphic and Motion Design, Visual Effects and 3d animation. He is the CEO of Digital Motionz in Ghana.


Digital Motionz has placed a smile on the faces of their customers

Hypenet Ghana

We work on various motion and animation videos for Hypenet Ghana. Some projects we worked on is the Eze App user guide and Social Media X…

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Ideal Shipping and Logistics

One of the best logistics companies in Ghana.Digital Motionz provides branding materials for this strong brand…

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Global Ovations

Global Ovations, the organizers of Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival has been one of our longest serving client. Anything that deals with design for MBAFF since 2014 is taken care of by Digital Motionz…

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